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Accident in waiting


Size: 4x3FT/ 48x36inch.

Material: Oil on canvas.

Original painting by Samuel Sotiega. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Size: 4x3FT/ 48x36inch

This painting will be seen differently depending of the mood the viewer is in. Do you say the glass is half full or half empty?

This piece is inspired by how a single event will affect a person’s life, spilling into all areas. If something affect you at work, you are not only sad at work, it has an impact in your whole life. If you are happy because you met the love of your life, it is not only going to affect your private life, it will affect your life as a whole.

A single mistake, a bad decision or accident can spill into all areas of one person’s life. Different aspects of our life will be affected in different degrees, covering it in one or several layers of pain and frustration.

Alternatively, a happy event will spill over your entire life, positively affect all aspect of it, in different levels and intensity. Yellow in life is usually associated as a colour of pre-warning, like in traffic lights, in sports before a players gets sent off, etc. Either before something good is about to happen and moves into green light (positive outlook) or it is a warning that danger is round the corner and will turn into red (negative outlook).

The painting will mean different things to each viewer depending on what they feel at that particular moment in time.

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The painting will be shipped stretched, crated and wrapped in bubble wrap in a custom-made cardboard box, safe and secure. You will be supplied with photos of the painting's condition just as it is crated, for the avoidance of doubt in regards to its condition at the point of departure.

It takes around 7-10 days to be delivered to your door, depending on your location. I ship worldwide. The delivery cost depends on the weight of the paiting and its shipping box.

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