What are the costs involved?

The price is calculated taking into consideration the size, complexity of the work and the time it will take to create what you want. Each work in individual and as such, it is impossible to give you an exact figure beforehand. You also have to consider whether it is based on a standard canvas size or you require a custom made one as some people prefer to get the work done on a wooden board, rather than cotton canvas. The larger the work the more paint and materials used and consequently, the higher the price.
We can discuss this with a free consultation session where we can go through various options based on your requirements. Once the work has been agreed on and it is clear, I can calculate an estimate. This rate is subject to change if the work goes through numerous revisions, adjustments, etc. It is fair that the longer the project goes on passed agreed parameters, the higher the fee. I ask for a non-refundable 35% deposit to begin the work. Payment terms for the remaining fee will be pre-agreed also before work commences.